Traeger X MEATER Probe Battery

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Learn how to charge your Traeger X MEATER (TXM) wireless meat probes and check the battery level.

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Traeger X MEATER Probe Battery

The TXM probes are charged by the charging dock; each hold their own individual battery level.

You can view your probe battery levels in two places:

  1. Your grill's display
  2. On the Traeger app.

In order to view the probe battery levels in either location, the probes will first need to be paired. If the probes have not been paired, see Pairing Your Traeger X MEATER Probes.

Each probe's battery life is indicated by one of three icons:

  1. Green, three-bar battery icon: Good.
  2. Yellow, two-bar battery icon: About 50% remaining.
  3. Red, one-bar battery icon: Low; return to dock to recharge.

Viewing TXM Probe Battery Level from Your Grill's Controller Display

You can view your probe battery from the controller display in two places: from the ACCESSORIES menu or from the HOME SCREEN  when ignited.


Navigate to Probe Info from the Home Screen

  1. Navigate to the Home screen
  2. Touch the bar at the bottom with the ^ symbol.
  3. Use the knob to scroll until you find your wireless probes. You will see battery levels for each connected probe.

Navigate to Probe Info from the Accessories Menu

  1. From the grill's MAIN MENU, use the knob to scroll to the ACCESSORIES menu option.
  2. Scroll to PAIR BT-PROBE.
  3. You will see the probes that have already been paired and the current battery life for each probe.

Viewing Probe Battery Level from the Traeger App

To view your probes' battery life from the Traeger app:

  1. Open the Traeger app.
  2. Open the grill dashboard by tapping the grill icon in the middle of the bottom icon bar.
  4. Any connected probes will display, along with their battery life, connection status, current temp and goal temp.

Traeger X MEATER Charging Dock Battery

Your charging dock gets power to charge your probes from a single AAA battery.

You can check the battery status of the charging dock by pressing the small, black button to the right of the probes. Once pressed, the small LED light above the button will light up either red or green.

  • Solid Green: Charging dock battery OK
  • Solid Red: Replace charging dock battery



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