Traeger X MEATER Probe not Charging

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Information on the Traeger X MEATER Probe battery, how to check charging levels and what to do if the probe is not charging.

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TXM Charging Success Check List

  • Verify the probes charged at least 4 hours.
  • Verify the dock has power. The charging dock LED Status indicator light shines green when the dock is receiving power.
  • Verify the probes have power via the touchscreen display on the grill and/or Traeger App.
  • Ensure all ports and areas of connection are cleaned.

Reasons Why Probes May Not Charge

There are several reasons why TXM Probes might not be charging:

  • The probe/s could be dead.

  • The probe/s are extremely dead (they need longer than usual on the dock to turn back on)

  • The probes could be malfunctioning.
  • The dock’s charging circuit is broken/malfunctioning.

  • The dock’s terminals are not making a good connection with the probe.

Charging Dock Illuminates Green but TXM Probes Aren't Charged

The green illuminating light verifies the dock is receiving power. It does not confirm the probes are charging. Below are steps to take and things to verify when the charging dock shows it has power, but the probes are not charging. 

  1. Maintenance. 
    • Cleaning the probe ends and the dock’s terminals thoroughly is very important.
      • The pointed end of the probe is bound to get dirty/greasy too, we need to make sure both ends, the square end and pointed end are cleaned well to maintain good contact with the charging dock.
        TXM Probe (2).png
      • Because smoke from the pellet grill can travel up to 5 feet, you want to make sure to also clean the dock's terminals. The TXM dock connects to the very tip of the pointed end and it’s possible the terminal is clogged with debris.
        TXM dock.png
  2. Incorrect Probes. Do you have more than one MEATER family wireless probe? Verify you not accidently swapped probes from different MEATER families. 
  3. Is the Probe powered on?  Scan for devices form the Bluetooth settings menu on your smart phone –
    • Do you see a device named “MEATER”?
    • Does this device come and go as you continuously scan and put the probe in and out of the dock?
    This can help you verify the probe is actually powered on and broadcasting.
    • `The probe doesn’t broadcast if it is getting a charge from the dock. If the Probe is docked and broadcasting and the above steps (maintenance and incorrect probes) have been verified, please reach out to Contact Customer Support.
  4. Has the Probe connected before? Have you connected the probe before and monitored its battery over time (able to view it on the touchscreen display)? If the probe has worked previously, and the above steps (maintenance, incorrect probes) have been verified, please reach out to Contact Customer Support.

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