Pairing Your Traeger X MEATER (TXM) Probes

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How to pair your Traeger X MEATER (TXM) wireless meat probes to your new Ironwood or Timberline Traeger grill.

Traeger X MEATER Bluetooth wireless meat probes pair with Traeger's Touchscreen Ironwood, Ironwood XL, Timberline, and Timberline XL models and are controlled via the grill's controller and the Traeger app. These probes will not pair with the MEATER app. 

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Pre-Pairing Checklist

  • Download the Traeger app
    • TXM probes will not pair with the MEATER app
  • Turn on the grill
    • TXM probes are compatible only with our touchscreen models (Ironwood, Ironwood XL, Timberline, and Timberline XL)
  • Connect AAA battery to charging dock
  • Allow probes to charge for at least 4 hours
  • Grill does not need to be connected to WiFi to pair TXM probe (they connect via Bluetooth)

How to Pair Your TXM Wireless Probes

To pair your TXM Bluetooth wireless meat probe, follow these steps:

  1. If this is your first time using your TXM, connect the battery by removing the battery cover on the back of the charging case. Pull the tab protecting the battery to allow the battery to make contact.
  2. Allow the probe to charge for 4 hours. The green light on the dock indicates available battery life.
  3. Remove one of the probes from the charging dock to turn it on.
    • Only remove probes from the charging dock one at a time when pairing. If you remove both at the same time, the grill will detect multiple Bluetooth signals and produce an error saying, Error Multiple Probes Detected.
      txm-pair-error-multiple probes.png
  4. Turn on the grill and make sure the probe is near the grill. A popup should appear on the display of the controller that says, Traeger Wireless Probe Detected. Would you like to pair the probe to your grill? Select, Yes, Pair This Device.
  5. Select a probe number to identify which probe you are pairing.
    txm-pair-7-select probe number.png
    • Your probe will come with numbered, metal clips. Attach the numbered clip associated with the numbered probe you selected on the display.
  6. Probe pairing should be successful. You may either go to the probe or pair another device.
    • Return the paired probe back to the charging dock before attempting to pair an additional TXM probe. 

ERROR: Multiple Probes Detected

If you get an error saying, Error Multiple Probes Detected, the grill has found multiple Bluetooth devices that it recognizes as Traeger X MEATER Bluetooth wireless probes. Return any TXM probes back to the charging dock and try again removing only one probe during each pairing attempt.  

txm-pair-error-multiple probes.png


Pairing FAQs

Can I pair my TXM probes with more than one grill?

While a grill can be paired with up to four meat probes, but each probe can be paired only with one grill at a time.

If you have multiple Bluetooth grills and want to use a paired device on another grill, you may forget the device on the first grill and then pair with the second.

How many wireless probes can I pair with my grill?

New Timberline grills support up to 4 TXM wireless probes and up to 2 wired probes.

Can I use my TXM probe with the MEATER app?

Traeger X MEATER probes will not pair with the MEATER app.

Can I pair my MEATER probes with my Traeger grill?

Traditional MEATER probes will not pair with the Timberline or the Timberline XL.


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