Sticking Knobs

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Are your Flatrock knobs sticking when you push them in? This article explains why it's happening and how to resolve it.


Why Do Knobs Stick?

Sticky or binding knob issues usually occur by an interference between the knob insert and knob bushing. This will happen when the bushing is not mounted to the valve stem. Ideally, this would be set in factory and shouldn't be adjusted by the customer. 

This was an issue for several Beta testers, but new Flatrock units should not have this problem.

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Applicable Grills & SKUs

Flatrock - TF3CN59AU

What to Do

Tools Needed: #2 Phillips screwdriver, 3/8 inch open ended or box wrench

  1. Remove all three knobs from the control valves
    • They will come straight off with enough force.
      sticky knobs 3.png
  2. Remove the control panel from the main body of the grill. 
    • Remove the right shelf and the front right shelf as the front right shelf bracket may interfere with reassembly.
    • Use the screwdriver to remove two screws at the bottom of the control panel. 
      sticky knobs 4.png
    • Slide the control panel to the right until it stops.
      sticky knobs 5.png
    • Pull the panel away from the wall of the grill body.
    • Lower the control panel and let it hang from the wire harness
  3. Adjust the bushing position for each problematic valve and knob by doing the following:
    1. Loosen the two screws that mount the bushing to the valve mounting bracket.
      sticky knobs 6.png
    2. Tighten bushing screws just enough so that the bushing will move when pushed but it stays in position when untouched.
    3. Insert knob into bushing and onto valve stem and ensure that the valve operates smoothly without binding (in and out movement as well as rotation). The knob insert and movement of the knob should align the bushing to the correct location if the mounting screws are loose enough.
    4. Remove the knob again and fully tighten two bushing screws.
    5. Reinsert knob and ensure that it still operates smoothly. Make adjustments, if necessary.
    6. Repeat adjustment on other knobs, if necessary.
    7. Remove all knobs so that the control panel can be reinstalled.
  4. Reattach the control panel.
    1. Align the 3 screws on the main grill body with the large openings of the keyhole slots on the back of the control panel.
      sticky knobs 7.png
    2. Push the control panel toward the main body and then slide it to the left to have the small side of the key slot slide under the screw head
    3. Inspect the interface between the grill main body and the top of the control panels to ensure that they are flush to one another all the way across the top
    4. If there are gaps, remove and reinstall the control panel. The right-side shelf bracket can sometimes interfere and make it so the right keyhole slot does not slide under its intended screw head. To correct this, you can:
      • Use the palm of your fist to simultaneously bump the control panel toward the grill body and the left
      • Remove the right-side shelf and then remove the front right shelf bracket before re-installing the control panel.
    5. Use a screwdriver to reinstall the two screws at the bottom of the control panel
  5. Reattach all three knobs by pushing them onto the valve stems.

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