Auger Disconnected Error

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What to do if your D2 WiFIRE Traeger pellet grill gives an Auger Disconnected error.


What Happens When I Get an Auger Disconnected Error?

The grill displays an error saying, "Auger Disconnected" and if paired with the Traeger app, triggers a notification in the app. The grill will likely not be able to ignite or maintain a fire since the auger is most likely not feeding pellets into the firepot.

This error will happen on a D2 WiFIRE-enabled pellet grill. If you have a new Timberline or Ironwood with a touchscreen controller, the error displayed will be, "Auger not Detected."


Why Did I Get This Error?

An Auger Disconnected notification occurs when the controller does not detect the auger motor.


How to Resolve an Auger Disconnected Error

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Traeger Support and we'll be happy to assist.

  1. Check your grill's firmware version.
    1. On your controller, go to Menu > Settings > About Grill.
    2. Locate your grill's firmware version on the screen.
    3. Go to and find the latest firmware version for your grill. 
    4. If your grill's firmware is on a previous version, make sure your grill is connected to WiFi so it can update to the newest version. See also, Traeger Firmware Not Updating.
  2. Check if the auger motor is connected to the controller.
    1. Turn off and unplug your grill. 
    2. Unscrew the controller from the grill and pull it away from the hopper to expose the back. 
    3. Disconnect and reconnect all controller connections to ensure they are all connected securely.
      D2 Controller Wiring Connections.png
  3. Remove the hopper service panel from your grill's hopper (this is the side or bottom panel, depending on your model) so you can see inside the hopper. 
  4. Find the auger motor and check if the auger motor wiring harness is connected. Connect if needed. If connected already, disconnect and reconnect the harness to ensure a solid connection.
  5. Plug in and power on the grill. If all wiring harnesses are connected securely, the error should clear.
  6. If the Auger Disconnected error still appears, replace the auger motor.

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