Stuck on Screen while Pairing New Timberlines & Ironwoods

What's in This Article?

What to do if your app or grill gets stuck on the "Checking WiFi Connection" or the "Searching for Grill" screens during the pairing process and the grill is unable to pair.


Symptoms & Applicable Grills

You may find you get stuck on one of the screens below when pairing a Timberline, Timberline XL, Ironwood, or Ironwood XL. 

  • During the paring process, the app begins by, "Searching for Grill," "Establishing Connection," and then, "Checking WiFi Connection," and does not continue.

    pair_app_yos-searching_for_grill.png pair-app-yos-checking wifi connection_connecting.PNG pair-app-yos-establishing connection.PNG
  • The controller will reflect this state.
    pair-grill-checking wifi connection.png
  • This results in an inability to pair and input the Bluetooth code.

Why Is This Happening?

The Wi-Fi card is stuck and the information is being transferred. The device's Bluetooth may be occupied by another device, like a headset.


What to Do to Fix It & Finish Pairing Your Grill

  1. Power cycle the grill, remembering to press the power button after you unplug the grill to clear any residual power.
  2. Open your phone's Bluetooth settings and make sure you aren't connected to any other device. If connected, disconnect from all Bluetooth devices.
  3. Once the grill is back on, press the Menu button on the grill.
    yos-controller-menu button.png
  4. Select, WiFIRE Connectivity (should be the first option in the menu) by tapping the screen or pressing the dial to confirm.
    yos-main menu tree.png
  5. Select the Connect Grill option by tapping the screen or pressing the dial.
    yos-menu tree-wifire connectivity-connect grill.png
  6. Follow the prompt on the screen to open the Traeger App and tap the orange button that says, Tape Here to Start Pairing.
    pair-grill-yos-tap here to start pairing.png
    1. At this point, you should have the app open and have entered the pairing flow by tapping the Add Grill option.
    2. Select the controller, agree to data and privacy and get to the Establishing Connection screen. With the grill emitting its signal, the app should identify the grill as an "Available Grill."
      pair-app-yos-searching for grill_grill found.PNG
    3. Tap, Continue.
  7. The Bluetooth Passkey will appear on the controller display and the app will produce a pop-up allowing you to enter the passkey displayed on the controller.
    pair-grill-yos-bluetooth passkey.png
    Pairing - Bluetooth Pairing Request.png
  8. Continue pairing through completion. 

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