Fan Disconnected Error - D2

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If you get a Fan Disconnected message, the fan is either disconnected or broken. You will need to make sure the fan is connected correctly. You may want to use the connection instructions outlined in Wiring to assist you through these steps.

  1. Remove the bottom or side panel of the hopper to view the components inside.
  2. With the grill on and running, see if the fan is spinning.
    • If the fan is disconnected, the fan should not be spinning.
  3. Turn off and unplug the grill.
  4. Unscrew the controller and pull it out enough to see the wires connected to the back.
  5. Ensure the fan is correctly connected to the controller. See Wiring articles (links above) for more in-depth instructions.
    1. If the fan does not spin after securing connections, contact Customer Support.
    • D2 Grills: Check the connections on the connector with the black, red, white, and tan wires.
      1. Once connections are secured, turn on and run the grill.
      2. Check to see if the fan is spinning. If the fan still is not spinning, contact Customer Support.

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