How to Clean Your Traeger X MEATER Probes

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Maintaining clean meat probes is essential to grilling success. Let's go over proper methods to clean your Traeger X MEATER meat thermometers, compatible exclusively with Traeger's new Timberline & Ironwood models.

Identifying Clean & Dirty Probes

Clean probes are not only best practice for food safety, they're also essential to keep your probes functioning. Dirty probes often have difficulty charging and can even affect the probe's temperature-reading accuracy.


Cleaning Do's & Don'ts 

  • Hand-wash with soap and water before and after each use.
  • Do not use cleaning products containing alcohol, ammonium, benzene, or abrasives, all of which could damage the device.
  • DO NOT submerge the probe in water for long periods.
  • DO NOT run the probe under cold water immediately after cooking. Instead, let the probe cool down before washing.
  • Ensure the probe is completely dry before placing it back in the charging dock.
  • When not in use, store the probe in a dry and cool place.

How to Clean Your Traeger X MEATER Probes

Cleaning your Traeger X MEATER meat probe is the same, easy process as cleaning your MEATER probe. Follow the instructions below to clean your probes without the risk of damaging them.

  1. Pour a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar on the rough side of a sponge.
  2. Scrub the probe, removing all discoloration until all stainless steel sections are completely silver.
    • Pay special attention to the ambient end, scrubbing until it is entirely silver.
  3. Wash the probe with hot, soapy water.
  4. Dry thoroughly.
  5. Wipe the contact points on the charger (the silver prongs holding the probe) with a dry cloth to ensure no residue has transferred over.
  6. Insert the probe back into its charger.

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