Traeger Grill Shuts off Mid-Cook

What's in This Article?

So your D2, WiFi-enabled Traeger grill shut off in the middle of your cook. What should you do now?



  • Your grill shuts off without you initiating the Shutdown Cycle
  • Most common on grills paired with Android versions of the app


What to Do

  1. Make sure your Traeger app is on the latest version.
    • Android: 3.1.3
    • iOS: 3.1.2
  2. If the grill shut off mid-cook while on the latest app version, please contact Traeger's Customer Support so we can continue gathering additional instances of this issue.
    • To continue grilling without the grill shutting off in the middle of your cook, opt to control your grill using the grill's controller instead of the Traeger app. 

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