Using a 9V Battery on a Flat Top Grill

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Understand how to use a Traeger flat top grill using a 9V battery instead of plugging it in.

Battery vs Cord: Which to Use?

Traeger's flat top grills require power for three key features: Ignition, Flame Sensing & Fuel Sensing. Your choice of power source won't change the quality of your meal; it will only impact the way the features you'll be able to use.

  Plugged In Battery Power
Control UI Board Lights X
Flame Sensor X
Fuel Sensor X
Flip Power Switch X
Power Switch Light X


Installing a 9V battery

  1. Locate the power panel on the back of the grill and make sure the power is off.
  2. Remove the battery case.
  3. Insert a 9V battery into the battery case.
  4. Insert the battery case back into the power panel.

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